Happy Note! Notes in Space

Happy Note! Notes in Space 2.2

It's a free computer game that makes it easy to learn music notes (See all)

Happy Note! Notes in Space is a simple but entertaining shooting game that allows you to learn and remember music notes and their corresponding ratio of any note duration. The game features poor graphics and sound effects, but it is really easy to play. In order to score points, you should shoot music notes that match the duration shown by the spaceship (whole, half, quarter). The game features three different levels of difficulty: beginners, advanced and expert, that basically vary in speed. The game is pretty customizable and allows you to decide whether you want to include sounds and music or not (considering that they do not vary and with time they get annoying). You can also select whether you want to include meteors and comets (which increase the difficulty), display note durations or instruction at the beginning. All in all, Happy Note! Notes in Space is a nice game if you are interested in music and has been specially designed for kids. I wouldn't recommend playing it for fun because it is not interesting at all and the graphics are really poor.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to play and use
  • Great for music learners
  • Different difficulty levels
  • Free


  • Poor graphics
  • Repetitive music
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